Subselect a Dataframe


This post is not meant to be an exhaustive look at how to subselect part of a Dataframe but more a high level peek at the syntax. We are going to use the famous Iris dataset which contains data regarding 3 classes of iris plant. We will load it first and secondly we will select the data for 2 types of iris plant only.

Let’s get the Iris dataset

iris = read.csv("/Users/sylvainzircher/Downloads/Iris.csv", header=TRUE)
[1] setosa     versicolor virginica 
Levels: setosa versicolor virginica

Let’s select only two species: setosa and virginica

subset = iris[iris$species == "setosa" | iris$species == "virginica",]
[1] setosa    virginica
Levels: setosa versicolor virginica

Et voila!

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